Using this Wiki

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This part of the site is a "Wiki" which means it's a documentation system that can be edited by everyone.

First you need to make an account using "Signup" at the top-right (this same account works on the Community section too). Then you can click the icon of a person (also top-right) to login.

Now on any page you can use the "Actions" dropdown to pick "Edit"

This Wiki is powered by a piece of Software called MediaWiki. So you can find answers to many questions you might have by Googling like "mediawiki bold text" or "mediawiki links". Otherwize in the cogs drop-down there is a "Help" link which takes you to the MediaWiki docs.

Help editing pages

Mediawiki uses an ugly format called "wiki markup" to write pages. These links have helpfull information for you:

Adding a new page

On MediaWiki you create a new page by making a link to it, in double square brackets. For example edit the Main Page and add an entry like:

* [[New page about y]]

Then save your edit and click the link you just made. It will now allow you to make your new page!

More info about creating pages in MediaWiki can be found here: