SamSung Galaxy S7 -- by Xylon 2018

From Savvy Humans Know Tech

I bought this phone in early 2018, choosing it because:

  • LineageOS supports it, so I can run it mostly Free Software.
  • Easily obtainable here in England, second-hand.
  • It's a high-end phone with a good screen.

Black s7.jpg

Like Samsung phones I've owned previously, I found it easy to flash the new operating system on it following the LineageOS instructions.

In addition to installing LineageOS, I updated the modem firmware. Procedure for this phone is like this:

  • Download the firmware from sammobile, choosing correct device, country and network.
  • unzip archive
  • untar all archives inside that
  • boot phone into download mode
  • heimdall print-pit --no-reboot can show you what's on the phone
  • OK now do: heimdall flash --CP_DEBUG modem_debug.bin --RADIO modem.bin

Good things about this phone include:

  • Nice screen. The pixel density is huge and the colors are very good.
  • Looks expensive so I get to feel like an expensive guy.
  • Works well. All hardware is working with LinageOS including GPS and compass, wireless charging, fingerprint scanner etc.
  • Very fast performance.

Bad things:

  • Edge-to-edge screen is silly. Easy to accidentally touch the edges of the screen while holding it
  • Non-replaceable battery o_O
  • Wireless charging is a pointless gimmick, a charging dock would achieve the same thing

Conclusively, it's a good phone at an affordable price, that works with mostly Free Software.


See the specs here: Samsung Galaxy S5 - Full phone specifications